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2022 is the year that will be the biggest eviction process ever

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“My bills were piling up and my tenant stopped paying the rent”


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Notice of Default (Pay or Quit)

Notification sent  to Tenant by Regular, Certified and Email (info provided by client). We let them know, pay or move.

Process Services

When it comes to evicting tenants, landlords would be best served by having a process server handle the delivery of the eviction notice. 

Writ of Possession

Well the Judge, gave the tenant 7 days to vacate your property but they are still  there! The Writ gets them out! The Writ of Possession, commands local authority to remove the Defendant from your premises.

Debris Removal

24-48 hours after the eviction, the tenant's belongings are still on your property! Civvl will haul it off. Fast dependable eviction services

Civvl Gets them out!

We offer our clients Peace of Mind and Convenience, throughout the Eviction Process. 

On-demand eviction service! Taking the stress out of the Evicting process!

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